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Welcome to the one-stop-shop for free android apps, games or wallpapers.

If you've wanted to discover and download all the free android apps, games or wallpapers, you've reached the right place: 1Mobile Market.
With a whole new simple interface and a smoother navigational experience, there's never been an easier, quicker and friendlier way to find the perfect app for you. Whether it's the latest trending game, cool wallpapers or even a handy app, you can now download it all in a jiffy and for free.

Feel like you're out of ideas to download? There are over 1200000 free apps and games that are especially curated to spruce up your work, leisure and social life on the mobile.

Not sure what you want or tired of having what everyone has? Well, every person is unique and 1Mobile Market is designed keeping that in mind. Using a clever set of questions and an intuitive and extensive search feature, it analyses your personality and recommends an entire set of free apps and games tailored to suit your interests, tastes and lifestyle.

There's something for everyone at 1Mobile Market with loads of interesting new stuff added every week. Come on, take a wander and make your mobile life as exciting as it can be.

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